Our goal for 4th of July weekend was to finish the fence, build a small dry stack rock wall to hold back the dirt and do some planting. Here’s where we started:

First up: borrow a friend’s truck and head out to Boring Bark and Landscape Materials in Boring Oregon. They’ve got a great selection of landscaping rocks of all kinds and a variety of bulk mulch. We had our eyes on some Montana Ledgestone.

It’s a self serve situation out there and you weigh the rocks on an old school scale.

We got the ledgestone home and started stacking.

With the wall built and the planting dirt prepped with compost, it’s time to get some plants.

We also transplanted a bunch of grasses from the side of the house.

Turned out pretty nice.

We made a little planting on the inside of the fence.

And Diana put together a container garden. All the logs you see come from the huge Catalpas we cut down.

Ok, it’s a front yard. Phase one is done. Our long term goal is to smother the grass, build some more raised beds and turn the front yard into a farm.