This is just one of so many times when a project takes a completely unexpected turn. I was digging a 2 ft deep trench from the house to bring power to the garage. One section of the trench wasn’t deep enough and when I began to scrape the bottom, some of the dirt gave way. I ran inside and grabbed the flashlight.

Using a stick, I tried to reach all the edges of the hole and it was only about 3 ft x 4 ft. Well, I say “only.” It’s still a big hole, 2 ft down. We decided we may as well fill it so I started digging to make the opening bigger so I can fill it up.

It’s getting bigger.

Here’s me standing in it. Even after some dirt fell in, it’s still deep.

Now that I’ve filled in the hole and the trench, I’m just soaking it with water and tamping it with a hand tamper so the dirt settles. Once I’m confident it’s done, we’ll lay our paver patio. Probably next year.