2012 has been a big year for the ol’ landscaping project. We pretty much finished the fence around the property and completed the majority of the hardscaping in the front yard. Here’s a little walk through of the yard to see everything in context.

YouTube Preview Image

In total the fence spans almost 175 feet, including the sections we built in previous years. Here’s a rough materials count for the sections we completed this year:

  • 28 4″x4″x8′ posts
  • 240 1″x6′ fence boards
  • 40+ bags of 60lb concrete
  • 12 cans of wood stain
  • Approximately 5 months of weekends, give or take a few

So, basically the fence dominated our lives during late Spring on through the end of Summer. It was my default response to my co-workers’ Friday question, “Got any plans this weekend?” Literally, it got the point to where they didn’t even ask what I was doing, they just said “So, building a fence this weekend?” To which all I had to say was, “Yes.”

You can learn more about the flagstone path in my previous post, A New Path.

Next year, we tackle the back yard.